Special Deal for 2013!

It's a three-for package from the works of John Major Jenkins:

I have twenty brand new copies of the hard-back first edition of The 2012 Story (Tarcher/Penguin, released October 2009). In this ground-breaking exploration of all-things-2012, I cover:

I'm packaging the book along with my 3-CD audio program called Unlocking the Secrets of 2012 (Sounds True, 3.5 hours). In this spoken presentation (it's not a "reading" of another book), I invite you to explore the mysteries of the Maya legacy, including:

And, in addition, you'll receive a 24-page booklet containing a chapter from my forthcoming novel called Remembering 2012, with the Table of Contents, color cover, and my explanatory preface. Back cover copy:

It begins with a bang and ends with a Stone. What would you do if you found yourself in a life or death crisis at the Crossroads of Maya myth? Marko Ansari hits the road, navigating the unknown while meeting tricksters and Shriners, sinners and saints, day-keepers and deities. He’s wrestling with healing a betrayal that leads him to the brink of oblivion, trying to … remember. How do he and his companions find redemption? The answer, from the most forbidden core of ancient spiritual teachings, may be stranger than we can imagine.

Explore more of my novel, including an audio reading of an excerpt by the author.

All three for $25, plus $3.95 shipping to U.S. destinations. For shipping to other countries, please inquire. Easy Paypal button:

As mentioned, I have only 20 of these packages available. The book will be signed, unless you request otherwise. Email: the2012story@gmail.com