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Tzolkin was written, and the research in it was undertaken, primarily between August 1991 and August 1992.The appendix in my book Mirror in the Sky, written in May of 1991, attempted to identify the correct correlation of the Maya tzolkin calendar, but encountered conflicting information from different sources; notably, Arguelles, Schele, and Frank Waters. That brief inquiry led me to dive into the material on this question, and Tzolkin was the result. Most of the pieces were written between January and August of 1992, resulting in, above all, a reconstruction of the Maya Venus Calendar. Certain discoveries implied additional questions that were not fully explored until much later. For example, implications in the solstice/katun essay opened up for me suspicions about the nature of the 2012 end-date, but I didnít track down answers, or even frame the questions correctly, until May 1994. Some further conclusions formed in mid-1993, when I was making minor corrections, redoing the calendar pages, and creating the index for the book (for Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, who I had secured a contract with in late-1992), but I didnít want to alter the contents greatly as I had already self-published and released the book in August 1992. And so these late additions to Tzolkin have been compiled here, along with other relevant documents and correspondence relating to various issues, such as the correlation question, the Dreamspell day-count controversy, articles and interviews I did to promote Tzolkin, a review and reader response, and everything else that seems related to this study.




Reviews, Promotional Releases, and Related Articles:


Bruce Scofieldís review of Tzolkin, from Mountain Astrologer magazine, March 1995

Munro Edmonson's review from Ancient Mesoamerica submission

Various contacts and comments


Mesoamerican Astrology Resources: Article by Bruce Scofield and Valerie Vaughan, Mountain Astrologer, April 1999. Also online at:


The Mayan Venus Calendar and the Golden Proportion


Venus, Moon and the Tzolkin Calendar


Mayan ceremonialist Dan Rios (Tze'ec ) and The Mayan Dream


Borderlands article, June 1994


Reader response to above article, and my reply



Interview with Robert Paul for Esoterra magazine (Nov 1995)



Correlation Documents:


Appendix from Mirror in the Sky, May 1991


My essay on Lounsburyís 1992 paper in The Sky in Maya Literature

Response to Counterarguments (unabridged appendix from Maya Cosmogenesis 2012)


The Descent of Itzam Yeh (excerpt from Maya Means Mother by Penmark)


The Key to Dreamspell Agenda


A Manifesto for Clarity (1995/1996);


One Hunahpu and Other Poems in the Cosmic Center Triptych


Letters on Talis/Resonate: Jenkins / Arguelles / Scofield


Arguelles exchange (1996) and meeting (Glastonbury trip report, 1999)

7 Wind - the entire book (1993).

Exchange with Vollamaere (1999)


Debate 2001: 2011 or 2012?


Further Essays and Thoughts:


Toltec / Maya Integration: Harmonic Convergence or Unification at Chichen Itza?


13-sign Zodiac (eclipses, the double tzolkin, and Venus)


Nodal Cycles and the 52nd Tzolkin birthday

The December 1994 Mountain Astrologer article (posted on the Terence McKenna website in 1995)


April 3, 2001



Cover Art ó Its Design and Symbolism Explained


Time as Art mailing, July 1992: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4 (best to open these in a separate window for maximal viewing)


Other new pages linked to different areas of Tzolkin:


Oxib Ajmac


Chapter 37 from Journey to the Mayan Underworld


Foreword to Second Edition



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