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Greetings John Major Jenkins

I am a great fan of your work, and very very appreciative for all the reference points you have made available regarding the Mayan Time Science. Many, many people have benefited from your research and writings! THANK YOU!

I would like to ask you if you still think its necessary to have such a slanderous presentation of Jose Arguelles on your alignment2012 website. I spoke with him a few months ago, when he was visiting our home, and he said that you had talked with him in the somewhat recent past and had actually made amends for the tremendous accusations you had publicized about him. At least that was essentially how he shared the scenario. If infact you have relaxed your attack on him, perhaps you can update your website. It is 7+ years old. This moment is NEW! I believe you and he have more in common than not — for instance the Dec 21, 2012 alignment!!!!

Please consider this. BLEssings to you and Deep Respect. -Eden


Eden Sky,
Thank you for your kind comments. I have archived all the Dreamspell analyses and critique on the Tzolkin 2 CD-Rom, and am in the process of streamlining the website. I believe it is important for my critiques of the discrepancies and factual errors in the Dreamspell calendar system to be available for assessment. I am not engaged in a slander campaign. The "Key to the Dreamspell Agenda" essay of 1995 may be the only piece that might be construed that way, and it has been labelled negative. But it was the only way that truth — the truth of the existence of the traditional count — could be brought into consciousness within the Dreamspell movement. We tend to forget that before that article was released, nobody would admit to that fact. If the piece was never written, we might still be in the dark. As such, the results — light being shed on truth — have been positive and beneficial to all who thrive on light and truth.

Certainly you don't think that the recent "Following Dreamspell" piece was slanderous? (http://Alignment2012.com/following.html) That was written at the invitation of someone on the tortuga e-mail list that has a Dreamspell focus. It is a concise restatement of the same issues that have yet to be addressed.

My own work has its critics. For example, Carl Calleman misquoted and made ad hominen judgments of my work during our three-part debate of late 2001. I responded to all his criticisms and posted our entire exchange for all to freely read and judge for themselves. (at: http://www.alignment2012.com/debate2001.html)

When interviewers ask me about the discrepancies or controversies with the new vs traditional calendar systems, I often explain the issue in general terms without reference to the Dreamspell system in particular. For example, you can listen to the question that was asked me, and how I responded, on the following freely downloadable interview (11 megs) at:

I met with Arguelles during our shared venue in Glastonbury in 1999. I did come to a better understanding of how he perceives his work.(See the trip report at http://Alignment2012.com/tripreport.htm) But I disagreed with his statement that his updated calendar system, although admittedly not in sync with the traditional day-count, is used exactly in the same way. That, of course, is not possible due to skipping Feb 29th.

Yes, I agree that Dec 21, 2012 is a shared transformative date in all of our thoughts. If I'm still on the planet it will be interesting to see how events get played out. I was contacted a few weeks ago by Daniel Pinchbeck (author of Cracking Open the Head) who said he was doing a piece on the Mayan calendar for Rolling Stone magazine (March or April issue), and wanted to interview me for it. As we talked it came out that Arguelles's Dreamspell was to be the main focus of the piece. So, it will be interesting to see how much of my clarifications (in service to truth, not slander) and how much of my expressed support for the traditional Mayan day-count will be included in the piece. If it is slanted and sensationalized, as most pop-media outlets are, that is a pretty good sign of what the 2012 spin might be when it arrives. But then again we shouldn't expect that truth and clarity are celebrated at the terminal moments of Kali Yuga—the fact that they aren't confirms exactly where we are. Maybe by 2020, after the dust settles, our vision will be more clear. ha ha, 20/20 — clear vision

I have a deep respect for all transformers and searchers for truth in these times, including Arguelles. His work seems to appeal to many, but many also come to the feeling that it is somehow misguided or lacking, independent of any input from me. If they find my critiques, buried in a microscopic corner of the Internet, they help people understand why they were struck with the sense that something was wrong, so they can get on with their spiritual quest. How can we get together on the 2012 thing? Unity in diversity, love, doing the hard work. I am not enlightened, but I do feel my work is to bring truth to light and to dis-engage from darkness and control-systems. We are all united in that respect. If you have any more thoughts to share or ideas to explore, I'm open. Blessings and peace,

John Major Jenkins

p.s., On the supposed 2012 "alignment" in The Mayan Factor, see Item #5 at: