Dear John [Jenkins],


This is the response that I received in response to yet another request that I made today through the Interlibrary Loan service of the University of Kansas library system.


Please note that the librarian responded:


“Unfortunately I have not been able to find any library to have holdings for these publications.”


This and the fact that these “books” are not available from any used booksellers I have contacted over the years indicates that these items are inaccessible to serious academic scholars in a form that insures objective evaluation of their significance. Given their unavailability, I do not think it is reasonable that we be expected to consider them or even to acknowledge their existence. I will make this clear to Gerd Hovelman when we submit our response.


Please consider this message to be my final request for copies of these items from you.


Thank you,


John [Hoopes]


From: Orth, Sheila M 
Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2014 4:02 PM
To: Hoopes, John W.
Cc: Interlibrary Borrowing
Subject: Regarding Interlibrary Loan requests for Jenkins, John Major materials


Dear Prof.  Hoopes,


You have placed the following Interlibrary Loan requests by Jenkins, John Major:


TN# 1461663

Journey to the Mayan Underworld

Journey to the Mayan Underworld (1989)
This book was primarily a travelogue of my first trip to Central America. I returned overland to Chicago in March of 1987. Some strange adventures will be found - hospitalized in San Cristobal, ecstacy in Zipolite, Kundalini in Belize, robbed in Mexico City, my Tree of Life cosmology, fire ceremony in Chamula, jailed in New Orleans. The original version of this book was standard 8.5" x 11", 160 pages, spiral bound with 30 photos, and I sold about 25 of them. Here are two excerpts:"March Morning in Mexico" and "Dirty Laundry."


TN# 1461666

7 Wind: A Quiché Maya Calendar for 1993 – available online:

7 Wind: Quiché Maya Calendar for 1993 and 8 Deer: Quiché Maya Calendar for 1994
Monthly calendar-wheels according to Quiché tradition. Utilizes the true count of days. Includes 40 pages of text explaining modern shrine rituals and calendar-priest initiations on 8 Batz. Color cover, spiral binding, 60-page booklet.
The text of this booklet can be found 


TN# 1461672

Mirror in the Sky

Mirror in the Sky (1991)
8.5" x 8.5" spiral bound, full-color cover, 172 pages. In 1984-85 I had a series of mystical experiences which sent me wandering around America. The whole episode culminated in a spontaneous 3-day Vision Quest, alone in the Appalachicola Forest of Northern Florida. What inspired me to write Mirror in the Sky was my discovery that this entire episode (during which I kept a detailed journal of dreams, thoughts and so on) was paralleled very closely by planetary conjunctions and phenomena. As such, an uncanny parallel between my inner experiences and astrological auguries was discovered, and is explored in this unusual book.


TN# 1461674

Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies

Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies (1992, 1994)
My study of the Mayan Calendar. I discuss the correlation debate and reconstruct the Mayan Venus Calendar for modern use. I also explore the visionary approach in studying the sacred calendar and present many new ideas. 40 pages of calendars are provided so the reader can track time in solidarity with modern-day Maya daykeepers. Appendices, annotated bibliography and index. Standard trade paperback, 8.5" x 5.5", 340 pages, published by 
Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (Bayside, CA) in 1994. Excerpts can be found elsewhere on this Web Site.


TN# 1461675

The Center of Mayan Time

The Center of Mayan Time (1995).
This 110-page monograph  explores the obvious questions that come up in testing the end-date alignment thesis. I did all the line drawings for this book.  I  interpret the iconography of Izapan monuments in terms of likely astronomical  meanings,  following recent breakthroughs from  academia.  I discuss  what  Mayanists have said about  the  possibility  that ancient Mesoamerican skywatchers knew about precession, and  look at the astronomical and calendric orientations  at  Izapa.  The evidence is in and the conclusion is clear: the ancient skywatchers  knew and calculated precession over 2100 years ago,  formalized  the calculation as their Long Count calendar, and  elements in  the Popol Vuh also reflect this knowledge. This monograph is the preliminary research that evolved into MC2012.


TN# 1461677

Izapa Cosmos


TN# 1461678

Mayan Sacred Science


I have found the following site for these publications:


Unfortunately I have not been able to find any library to have holdings for these publications.  For inquire on any of these publications contact the author directly


If you have any questions please contact me directly.


Thank you.


Sheila Orth

ILL Borrowing Head







The 2012 Story

Jan 9


to John

John Hoopes,


I've already discussed and explained the books you've requested an I.L.L search for, including one that I have for free on my website and gave you the link for (The link is even preserved in the material you copied from my website!). I think you are just going around in circles and have become circularly persistent in evading the fact that I've already responded to and addressed your concerns. 


The only one of these books you searched for that I cited in my review is the 1992/1994 Tzolkin book, which I've already explained to you multiple times --- you have the 1994 second edition, which is virtually identical to the 1992 first edition, and I sent you jpgs showing the respective Table of Contents, which are identical. (As I also stated many times now, this is also explained in my review, in a footnote on page 2 and in the bibliography.) 


As you may recall, on December 23 I responded in good faith to your questions and explained each of the titles you requested, and even sent links to one and ordering info for others. You've never acknowledged this lengthy email, though you responded to it in proper sequence. You seem to be fixated on acting as if I haven't responded to you, when I have. Case in point is your recent ILL request for a book I already gave you the online link for (the 1993 7 Wind book). You aren't engaging in a dialogue with me regarding what I've sent. You are just ignoring the information and links and jpgs and ordering info I've supplied and repeating a request for my various early writings.


John Major Jenkins

The 2012 Story

Jan 9


to John

I also have repeatedly explained the circumstances of my 1996 Izapa Cosmos monograph, but you are ignoring my comments as well as the jpgs I sent. A concise explanation is being composed for Gerd, but I think your own emails speak well enough. Essentially, you are ignoring my responses and just repeating requests.