It Is Happening!
June Solstice at Izapa in 2012

Stela 67, in the ball court at Izapa


The First Izapa Mesa Redonda (Round Table) Conference,
and an informal second part with John Major Jenkins

Join premiere Izapa authority and 2012 theorist John Major Jenkins at Izapa for an intimate guided tour of the site, informed discussion, and the honest treatment that this amazing early Maya site deserves. According to his pioneering work, Izapa is a key site for understanding the origin of the Maya calendars, including the Long Count system that gives us the 2012 cycle-ending date. We will visit the site, see John's presentation at the Tapachula Planetarium with a delegation of participants from The Maya Conservancy, and then if you’d like to stay on for three extra days we will visit the "Birth-Sacrifice Monument" on the slopes of Tacana volcano, perhaps other points of interest in the region, visit the amazing Stela 25 (and other monuments) in the Regional Museum, and receive a more detailed presentation about how Izapa relates to 2012.

Part one of the trip:
The first part is the Izapa Round Table Conference sponsored by the Planetario de los Bachillere (the Tapachula Planetarium) and The Maya Conservancy, and runs June 19 - 21. A group of people will be driving in from Guatemala, arriving on June 19. Some will be arriving from Central Mexico by plane. Additional participants can plan their arrival into Tapachula to fit with the schedule and planner (see links below). A ceremony with Maya Spiritual Guides, Antolin and Nicolasa will take place. What a line up! Presentations by Garth Norman, Mary Lou Ridinger, John Major Jenkins, Vincent Stanzione, Ing. Abelino Becerra, Miguel Ratzan, Mark Van Stone. See the detailed schedule and a general planner for the events. 

Extra informal section, with John Major Jenkins: June 22-25.  The full two-part conference/ is 7 days. Suggested Hotel: Holiday Inn Express (Rooms $80 - $99). Other accommodation suggestions are available around town, $25- $70. Estimated RT flights into Tapachula from U.S. cities is currently roughly $800.

This is a two-part trip! You can choose one or the other or both:
After the first section (the Izapa Round Table Conference) concludes on June 21, then will commence part two. On June 22, the second phase of the tour will begin, for those newly arriving or choosing to extend their stay. John Major Jenkins will remain in town and will be your informal guide and presenter in a deeper engagement with the cosmology and spiritual teachings pioneered at Izapa. There is no cost. You must arrange your flight and accomodations. Contact John ( about your interest and we will all converge at a chosen location in town on June 22 to begin the tour. We will, of course, return to Izapa for a more in-depth guided tour. We will also visit the "Birth-Sacrifice Monument" that Jenkins documented on the slope of Tacana volcano. We will also visit the Tapachula Regional Museum to see Stela 25 and other monuments, vases, metates, and sculptures. We will convene on the evening of June 24 at the Central Park of Tapachula for dinner and/or drinks at one of the scenic outdoor eateries for discussion of the Maya world, for how the Maya thought about 2012, the viewpoints of professional Maya scholars, and the insistent doomsday perspective of the mass media. We will then proceed to the Holiday Inn Express Hotel lounge for an informal discussion of 2012 astronomy, teachings, the Maya Creation Myth, the evidence for how the Maya thought about 2012, and other things that arise. A Power Point presentation will be available for reference. Free handouts and a guide to the site will be provided.

Contact John Major Jenkins with further questions:

This is a rather last-minute alert for those who want to get the download on Izapa from the indepedent researcher who has studied it and has reconstructed what 2012 is about from the vantage of a forgotten ancient cosmology. It is not a pre-packaged "tour". You arrive via your own flight, we convene, and enjoy several days in 2012 at the site that gave us 2012. It's not going to happen like this again.

John's research and discoveries at Izapa are featured in his 1998 book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. They are also found in his 2002 book Galactic Alignment, on his 3-CD audio program of 2007 called Unlocking the Secrets of 2012, and in his 2009 book The 2012 Story. Online research pages on Izapa include:

Izapa: The Origin Place of the 2012 Calendar and the 2012 ProphecyIzapa Essay #2Izapa Essay #3.

Watch a mini-video of John introducing Izapa in 2008 here

John addressing the Tapachula city council during the Mission Izapa Tour 2012