Our Line Back to St William of Gellone

First, I'll repeat the established line that descends to us from the ninth century Rolf (Rollo), King of Norway:

33. Rollo and "Poppa" of Bayeau
32. Their son was William Longsword (murdered 942).
31. His son was Duke Richard I (died 996)
30. His son was Duke Richard II (died 1026); married Judith of Brittany
29. Their son was Robert, Count of Heimois and Duke of Normandy
28. His son was William, Conqueror of England in Battle of Hastings, 1066 AD.
27. Henry I
26. King Henry II
25. King John Lackland
24. King Henry III
23. King Edward I
22. King Edward II
21. King Edward Plantagenet III
20. Thomas Plantagenet (Prince)
19. Anne Plantagenet (Duchess)
18. John Bourchier (Duke)
17. Humphrey Bourchier (Sir)
16. Anna Bourchier (Lady)
15. Thomas Fiennes (Sir Knight)
14. Thomas Fiennes (Baron Dacre)
13. Margaret Fiennes (Baroness Dacre)
12. Elizabeth Lennard
11. Thomas Barnham
10. Richard Barnum
9. Bethuel Barnum
8. Israel Barnum
7. Caleb Barnum
6. Joseph Corey Barnum
5. Lucy Permelia Barnum
4. Anna May Moreland
3. Beatrice Moreland Riffle
2. William Barnum Jenkins
1. Cynthia Ann Jenkins (Davidson) / William Barnum Jenkins, Jr. / John Major Jenkins / Donald Walter Jenkins

The branch back through Poppa goes through the seigneures and comtes of various French provinces, to the famous St William of Gellone (b. 755), in the following documented line:

33. "Poppa" was daughter of :
Cunegundis des Francs (b. 855) and Wido, comte de Senlis

34. Cunegundis des Francs (b. 855) was the daughter of:
Pepin II (b. ca. 815), seigneur de Peronne and N. N. de Vermandois

35. Pepin II (b. ca. 815) was the son of:
Cunigundis of Francs (b. 800) and Bernard, roy d'Italie

36. Cunigundis of Francs (b. 800) was the daughter* of:
37. St. Guilhem de Gellone (b. 755), comte de Toulouse and Kunigunde des Francs

This St Guilhem de Gellone (William of Orange) was first cousin to Charlemagne. William's father was Makir Theuderic (d. after 793). William's mother was Auda, daughter of Charles Martel.

38./39. Makir Theoderic came from Persia as an exiled Jewish leader and Rabbinical line holder of the House of David; his father was named Habibai (Havivai or Hakhinai). (See article in American Genealogist, No. 72, 1997)

*According to: Christian Settipani & Patrick van Kerrebrouck, La Prehistoire des Capetiens 481-987, Premiere partie: Merovingians, Carolingians et Robertiens (Villeneuve d'Ascq: Editions Christian, 1993). Page 221.

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St Guilhem de Gellone (William of Orange) b. 755

The historical and the legendary William of Gellone. The subject of Wolfram von Eschenbach's "Grail Family" stories...

September 1, 2008. My brother Bill found genealogies going back from William of Orange into the Persian king lists, back to Darius I and beyond. Here is the collated sequence of succession: http://Alignment2012.com/Darius.html