Galactic Alignment:

The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions

John Major Jenkins




Introduction: Galaxia Nuncias (A Message from the Galaxy)


I. Mayan Cosmology and Calendrics

1. Search and Research

2. Reconstructing Ancient Mayan Cosmology

3. Recent Discoveries


II. Ancient Gnosis in Europe, Egypt, and Persia

6. Sacred Cartography in the British Isles

7. The Apocalypse Cross at Hendaye

8. Islamic Astrology and the Lunar Dragon

9. Mt. Olympus and the Fall of Troy

10. The Galactic Mysteries of Mithraism

11. Abydos and the Sphinx: Egyptian Alignment Eras


III. Vedic India and the Primordial Tradition

12. Vishnunabhi and the True Anchor of the Vedic Yugas

13. Coomaraswamy and Guenon Point the Way

14. The Sundoor at World’s End and the Clashing Cliffs

15. Sagittarius and the Metaphysics of Transcendence

16. Galactic Alignment and the Primordial Tradition


IV. Unwinding and Rewinding History

17. The Geography of Precession

18. The United States of the Virgin

19. Circles of Water: The Galaxy in South America

20. Izapan Galactic Cosmology and the Ley-Line Grid

21. The Portal of Spiritual Conception


V.  Science and the End of an Illusion

22. Reiserian Cosmecology: Galactic Alignments and Evolution

23. Timing Parameters of the Alignment: 1998, 2012, 2220, 2240

24. Cosmogenesis or Catastrophe?

25. The Galactic Chakra System

26. The End of an Illusion




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