Two Years of Events, Writings, and Interviews:
A Retrospective (April 2010 to May 2012)

John Major Jenkins. May, 2012


The year 2009 was an intense year of writing and promoting my book The 2012 Story. But there was no rest for the weary. I continued to research and write, doing interviews and events. I have archived here many (but not all) of these activities. For example, I didn’t mention all of my events, in England, Dubai, Brazil, Canada, Guatemala, and elsewhere. Here’s a list with many free links to many of the things I’ve written and published over roughly the last two years.  


1. My presentation at The Society for American Archaeology (April 2010)


2. Maya Izapa Tour (6-2010); my write-up:


3. Matter Daily piece (3-2010):


4. Ed Barnhart email, July 2010


5. My Review of Mark Van Stone’s “2012” book.


6. MEC-FACEBOOK Discussion/Debate, 206-page PDF


7. Article on Lord Jaguar in the Institute of Maya Studies newsletter, 12-2010.


8. Institute of Maya Studies presentation, (1-2011, on Youtube in 6 parts)


9. KPFA Berkeley, “Against the Grain” interview with C. S. Soong. 3-2011


10. Many research essays posted/published at The Center for 2012 Studies (2010-2012):


"Photographic Clarification of Lord Jaguar’s Birthday and the P4 Glyph on TRT Monument 6.” 6- 2011

"The Birth-Sacrifice Monument." 7-2011 
"Review-Essay of Dennis Tedlock’s Book 2000 Years of Mayan Literature (2010)." 4-2010 

"Dating the Construction of the Izapan Ballcourt, and Corrections on the Study of Astronomy in the Izapan Ballcourt." 10-2011

"The Comalcalco '2012' Date - an Academic / Media Rerun." 11-2011

"A Reassessment of Date Ambiguities on Tortuguero Monument 2." March 2, 2012.

"Further Investigations on Tortuguero Monument 2." March 5, 2012. 

"Sun and Moon at the Cosmic Crossroads in an Inscription from Palenque Temple XIX." 3-2012

"18 Rabbit's Sacrifice, Bolon Yokte', and the Associated Astronomy." 4-2012.

"The Bolon Yokte Reference on the Copán Hieroglyphic Stairway." 5-2010

"The Milky Way and Quirigua Zoomorph B." 5-2010.

"Astronomical Events Leading Up to Bahlam Ajaw’s Accession on February 4, 644 AD." 5-2010

"Calendrical Patterns and Tortuguero Monument 1." 5-2010.

"Evidence that 2012 Represents a New Creation, or Worldrenewal." 6-2010.

"The Sun Binding Ritual on Tortuguero Monument 8." 5-2010.

"The ‘Ecliptic as Road of Souls’ Theory and the Iconography of Quirigua Zoomorph G." 6-2010.

"Steps in Understanding Calendar Continuity and in Verifying the Correct Correlation." 7-2011


11. My review of David Stuart’s 2011 book (6-2011)


12. Belize Lonely Planet 2011 call-out box / Josh Berman interview for Moon Pubs.


13. Lord Jaguar’s 2012 Inscriptions (9-2011)


14. Nexus Magazine, Boulder Colorado. Interview with Ravi Dykema (11-2011)


15. “Commentary on Hamlet’s Mill,” article expanded and re-published (11-2011)


16. Common Grounds Magazine, interview (12-2011)


17. Chapter in 2012: Decoding the Countercultural Apocalypse, ed. Joseph Gelfer, published 12-2011 (written in 12-2009).


18. Matterhorn Newspaper, Fort Collins. Profile on my Oak Root Press letterpress Printing Office Museum (Winter 2012 edition, flip to page 25)


19. “Controlling Information in the Media and on Wikipedia


20. Article in Mindscape, Vol. 5 (1-2012)


21. Interview in French magazine, Cronic’Art (2-2012)


22. Review of critical contributions to the Gelfer anthology (2-2012)


23. Exchange with Johan Normak and Stanley Guenter on the Archaeological Haeccities website. (3-2012)


24. Article in New Dawn Magazine (Australia, 3-2012).


25. Chapter for Benfer/Adkins anthology completed. This is a 7,500-word abridgement of the original 12,900-word essay completed in late 2010. To be published with the University Press of Florida in 2012. “Bahlam Ajaw’s Use of Astronomy on Tortuguero Monument 6.”


26. Release of documentary 2012: The Beginning (3-2012), my first showing of it at NEARA in April.


27. Completion of the new preface to Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 for the Italian translation, due out by September.


28. Presentation at NEARA, The New England Antiquities Research Society, Concord, NH (4-22-2012). “Archaeoastronomy at Izapa: The Origin Place of the 2012 Cosmology.” Invitation received to write an article on Maya epigraphy for The Epigraphic Society.


29. Wrote 3,700-word article for The Heretic Magazine. May 13, 2012.


30. Invitation to write article for Fall issue of the Institute of Maya Studies, Explorer newsletter, 4-2012


31. Submission of article to The Explorer’s Journal, 3-part proposal, 4-2012.


32. Launched the Audio Excerpts and Readings website in early May, 2012:




Okay, now I must ask for your support. I have never before made such a direct appeal in my 25 years of research. Notice that in the list above there are MANY audio, video, and literary freebies. Publishing has cleverly transformed in recent years to suck even more profits out of authors than has historically been the case, and I have witnessed and experienced this revolution first hand since I first got involved in writing and publishing in the 1980s. I have twice, in my writing career, grossed more than $20,000 in a single year. That’s gross, not net. After my costs for travel and so on, actual net (used to pay for things like rent, basic bills, and food) has always been much less. So, please send any donations of appreciation: $5, $10, $25 and up.


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