Books - summaries and context

Books - Summaries and Context

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In my early books, I explored the core principles at work in the Mayan sacred calendar. A summary of this early work.

See the individual links below for more information on my other books,
including material excised from published versions, as well as unpublished archives.

Books written by John Major Jenkins:

Journey to the Mayan Underworld (1989).

Scenezine Selections (1990).

Mirror in the Sky (1991).

Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies (1994; originally self-published on a small scale in 1992). 2002 re-release/upgrade: Tzolkin 2 on CD-Rom is here.

7 Wind: A Quiché Maya Calendar for 1993 (1993).

Mayan Sacred Science (1994). Formerly known as Jaloj Kexoj and PHI-64. Revised second edition completed 2000.

The Center of Mayan Time (1995).

Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date (1998). $20

Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions (2002). $18

Pyramid of Fire: The Lost Aztec Codex (with Marty Matz). 2002. $14.

A book about ancient Finnish mysticism that John edited and wrote the Introduction for:

The Key to the Kalevala. (Introduction and editing, 1999). $19.95

Various early essays, excerpts, and articles are available in the Old City

Tapes (no longer available unless noted):

Readings from the Kalevala (1994, audio)
The Institute of Maya Studies, Miami (video, w/ slides). August 20, 1997.
***The Open Secret bookstore October 26, 1998. (75 minutes, CD audio, available for $12 via Paypal to:
The Tattered Cover bookstore (video, w/ slides). December 13, 1998.
The Maya Calendar Congress, Merida, Mexico (tape audio). March 19, 1998.
The Laura Lee radio show (audio) May 23, 1998 / August 27, 1998 / January 2, 1999
The Art Bell show (audio) September 6, 1998. N/A
The Art Bell show (audio) April 27, 1999 N/A
Elizabeth Gips' Changes radio show (audio) October, 1998.
The Gateways Bookstore presentation (audio) in Santa Cruz, October, 1998.
Gaia Bookstore in Berkeley, CA (audio) October 23, 1998.
The Jeff Rense Sightings radio show (audio) March, 1999.
Dr. Patricia Hill's The Changing Paradigm (T.V./video) February, 1999
The RadioValve interview (audio) with Brian Comerford, April 23, 1999
Appearance in Earth Under Fire, video documentary on Paul LaViolette's work. 1998
Mayan Cosmogenesis, presentation tape (audio) 1995