Thoughts on the Crystal Skulls Mythos

The following ideas occurred to me while I considered the invitation to be interviewed for the Crystal Skulls documentary, premiering May 18, 2008. Some of the unexplained facts around the skulls' construction have always fascinated me. As for the "legend" of the crystal skulls, it's hard to say whether that's an authentic ancient myth or part of an ongoing, and valid, evolving mythos. I tend to see these things as literary devices, imaginative exegesis of archetypal themes, or perhaps sci-fi fun with unexplained phenomena. In the spirit of speculative sci-fi, I decided upon an approach to the crystal skulls mystery that ties them to the 2012 cycle ending date. I tried to convey this as best I could during the interview, March 2, 2008, but as I write it remains unclear what part of my rap actually made it through. These things are always a shot in the dark. With this one I was just trying to weave a far-out connection between two probably unrelated things - the crystal skuls and 2012. Then again, who really knows what deeper currents lurk behind the scenes? Here's my musings:

A skull symbolizes death; it serves as a nexus between the living and the dead, between the seen and the invisible. The invisible realm beyond appearances speaks a transcendent wisdom that mortal beings cannot see, but wish to know. For the Maya, the Death Skull is a portal to Xibalba, the Otherworld. There is, in fact, an otherworldy portal in the sky, and the Maya call it Xibalba be (the road or door to otherworld). This feature of Maya legend and myth is located at the "dark rift" in the Milky Way, an area of interstellar dust that begins at the center of the crossroads of the Milky Way and the ecliptic, targeting the Galactic Center. This place is where the rare galactic alignment happens in 2012, on the end date of the 13-Baktun cycle in the Maya calendar. The December solstice sun aligns with this "door to the otherworld" in the years around 2012. We may imagine that the sun activates, or opens, the otherworld portal in 2012, allowing the higher wisdom of the cosmic center to be transmitted, resonantly, to properly attuned receivers. These receivers, I believe, are the Crystal Skulls. Together, resonating as one, they restore the fragmented pieces of the lost wisdom, the higher wisdom that was forgotten.

John Major Jenkins
May 18, 2008