Support files for Calleman debate, September 2001


John Major Jenkins: My background and publications


My original response to Callemanís Appendix, summer 1999 (This should be read as part of my response to Calleman's critique)


Excerpts from my 1992 book Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies, published with Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, 1994.: Calendar Basics; The Correlation Question; The Importance of April 5, 1993.


Web Page for Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 (Bear & Company, 1998. Includes reviews, endorsements, and excerpts)


Preview of my next book, Galactic Alignment: The Lost Knowledge of the Ancients (Inner Traditions International, July 2002 release date).


Open Letter to Mayanists and Astronomers


Manifesto for Clarity


Izapa Cosmos


Alignment Timing Parameters


Mayan Cosmology and Calendrics homepage


Introduction to Maya Cosmogenesis 2012


Bibliography to Maya Cosmogenesis 2012