Doldrums of desperate futility lost me
indulging in blue lights
the man is a deep sea
be free from causality
that does entrench me
I sit staring downward
I need Thee!
Unbench me

We run to the light stepping sensuous earth
Where beauty abounds
Where we are all clowns
Juggling Adam's illusion
between Christly vigor
we strive for more comfort
we grasp for those bigger
rewards of our deeds done
from ego's estate
ignoring our actions
ignoring our fate

Pre-planned injustice betrays future man
when sinning we disrupt his immanent plan
The motion towards goodness is easy, you know
you go like the eddy, you go with the flow
My eddy to yours, we vortice so nice
you're sweet like sugar, I'm cinnamon spice

We wonder so greatly as we fall of late
My guardian symbol still waits at the gate
I beckon Ye! Merge me!
I'll wait no more longer
He humbles my eyesight, says:
"You must be stronger"

It seems that this growing mechanical burden
kills love's only voicebox,
a channel unhearden
This earthen attraction
that trapped us all here
was it true contraction?
or repulsion from fear?

Of our Selves:
The light we know not
from fright we all got
a limited lot
Yet we are eternal
deep down in our hearts
We're connected like ghostlings
that are splayed in two parts

My monkey unhuman is half of the mask
to bring forth the human
is my only task
Now, frozen so hot
I won't have to ask
for mercy from sins
when I have sinned not

We Jesi all swimming
from visions all dimming
To egg we're all shot
from lovelight forgot
I look and they're shining
they're shining with glee
We laugh to feel being
yet cry to be free