To Past and Future Forest Awakenings II

Self-proclaimed boredness, I'm no longer home
In trees we stopped swinging, on ground we did Rome
A larynx well-muscled, to start giving names
To build Western thinking and stop apeing games
Marvelled on mountain, a star way up high
Often an omen, to live or to die
A shared introspection annoints priestly wares
Our modern day living avoids seeking cares
To give nothing backly according to plan
While six-pointed starlings plan future man
Music in atoms gives will to the deal
The blind angel's waking starts thinking to feel
A streambed a drying to cake the green slime
While dreaming to symbolize natural time
The vessel to be, where my mind's eye resides
Demonic possession, we venture like Hydes
Into darkened dungeons of past-patterned love
Arise to the surface, scared by a dove
A flittering creature, I laugh when I see
I glance quickly left-right, I feel crazily
When flagstones are floundered to build a new way
of expressing foundations built newly each day
The boundaries then crumble, give way to the pull
And rituals can no longer sheild me from the bull