Galactic Alignment 2

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Context of the WritingCorrections and Feedback

Willard Van De Bogart's review on Portal Market
Geoff Stray's Review at Dire Gnosis 2012
At the Laura Lee show

Excised material and ongoing questions / research:
Chapter 3, including correspondence on Aztlan, Stephen Jay Gould review, The Open Letter
The Sampo-Soma connection, including my poem "Louhi Gazes Deep"
Cuts from the Portal of Spiritual Conception chapter
Mithras and Neoplatonic Cosmogonies (late Appendix to Galactic Alignment)
Coomaraswamy on Universal Symbolism and Art Historians
Moira Timms: The Raising of the Djed
The Work of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
Christian Symbology (Revelations and the Galactic Alignment).

To Traditionalists:
The Solstice Gateways and the Polar-to-Solar Shift: A Clarification of Certain Traditional Concepts
Robert Bolton's endorsement and his book Order of the Ages
Commentary on Coomaraswamy's Yaksas: Essays on the Water Cosmology.
Astronomical Notes in The Presence of Siva by Stella Kramrich.

Related essays and interviews during book production:
Original proposal to ITI - mid-2000.
Prophetic Philosophy and the Cycles of Time (outline for the Global Shift conference. April 2002)
Laura Lee interviews, May and August 2002: Teotíhuacan and the Pleiades - Galactic Alignment Among the Ancients, Part 1 - Galactic Alignment Among the Ancients, Part 2.
DogHead Cola interview
April 2002 interview with Kiffin Hope (tape available)
"The Solstice Sun and the Galactic Center" is an essay I wrote that appeared in the book Tranceformers, Shamans of the 21st Century by John Jay Harper.
Dispelling Misconceptions About 2012
Ancient Spiritual Technologies: Essay written for Psychic Reader in Berkeley, July 2001
August 1999
Two Essays I wrote, on Graham Hancock's website: Alignment 2012 and The World Age Cosmology of the Maya Calendar End-Date

Full endorsements
Original cover concept design
The Electronic Breath
Pharamond / Fornjot, King of Finland
January 2001
England-Denmark, 1999 - trip report
In a Truck with Dozens. March 2001