John Major Jenkins. August 16, 1999

It is a fact that we are living within an era of rare alignment to the Milky Way galaxy. The details of when this actually happens, and if we should expect an orb of effect, are open to debate. Modern astronomical calculations indicate that the precise alignment of the solstice meridian with the Galactic equator occurred in 1998. We are in it now. However, given that this alignment is caused by the slow precession of the equinoxes, it is reasonable to expect an orb of several years - perhaps even several decades - during which the peak impact of this alignment will be uniform.

There are two worldwide strains of esoteric tradition that recognize this event as significant for human beings. One is the "western" esoteric tradition. It inherited knowledge of this alignment from a long line of occult initiations, from Vedic India, through Egypt, Greek mystery schools, Christian esoteric tradition and renaissance alchemy to the King Arthur legends constellated around the Glatonbury zodiac. This tradition is closely related to western astrology's doctrine of twelve world ages, the next being Aquarius. This tradition tracks precession by the movement of the vernal equinox into a new zodiacal constellation. The interpretations of the significance of the dawning age of Aquarius are consistent with what we are approaching in terms of the solstice-galaxy alignment as revealed in Maya calendar cosmology. Notice, however, that western astrology is looking at the sky 90 degrees away from the solstice-galaxy alignment, but nevertheless refers to it (indirectly) in its symbology. The second strain of esoteric thought to recognize the future solstice-galaxy alignment flowered among the ancient Maya some 2000 years ago. Its conception of the event was more direct in that it tracked the solstice sun's slow precessional journey toward the galaxy. It specifically recognized that the part of the Milky Way that the solstice sun will be conjuncting contains the Galactic Center. The ancient Maya cosmologists encoded this alignment into their Hero Twin Creation Myth and their Long Count calendar. The 13-baktun cycle of the Long Count calendar ends in A.D. 2012.

Modern researchers have decoded the presence of this profound Galactic Cosmology within Maya calendar tradition and within western alchemy. It also seems to be encoded into the landscape of Glastonbury and the Grail tradition. This late breaking information comes, ironically, precisely at the time that the world is experiencing the transformational cauldron of Galactic alignment. At the very least, we can say that the Ancients believed the Galactic alignment would have profound transformative effects for human beings on earth, possibly propelling us onward to a higher dimension of consciousness evolution. As such, these late-breaking discoveries contribute an immense clarification to what our ancient ancestors achieved and believed. We may not believe ourselves that the solstice-galaxy alignment has any effects. We may accept that, yes, the Ancients noticed the cosmic convergence between the solar and and galactic planes, to occur in some future era, and, yes, they wove amazing calendars, myths, and cosmologies around it, but there is no scientific evidence to believe in it ourselves. Yet this remains to be seen. In fact, there is a huge amount of little-recognized scientific and philosophical work done in recent decades that provides the foundation for a new, more advanced, scientific understanding of our relationship to the cosmos. To develop such a system of thought, Galactic alignment needs to be recognized as the key to the evolution of consciousness on earth. Accepting that Galactic alignment does effect the bio-magnetosphere of earth, how we interpret the effects depends a great deal on our own individual beliefs and assumptions. Many believe that it spells the end of life on earth - catastrophe, pole shifts, and maybe a meager band of scraggly humans clinging to life on a barren windswept plain of science fiction imagination. Others believe that the implications of this scenario cannot be simple - that it does mean the potential for unlimited evolvement of our species, but this depends on the collective will and creativity of all life on earth.

There are bound to be many astrological trigger points in the next few decades. Eclipses will be significant, and the one on the June solstice of 2001 will probably be very significant. For calendric and social reasons, December 21, 2012 will probably be extremely significant as well. The most astounding mystery in all of this, to me, is that at the time of this writing - August 16, 1999 - the concept of Galactic alignment is not recognized - at all! - in scientific discourse. In addition, it is often misunderstood in the publishing industry (New Age publishing as well as more traditional venues) as being "too complicated" or "just another astrology thing." Worse still, the ancient traditions that discovered, elaborated, and encoded the Galactic Cosmology are frequently misinterpreted so that catastrophe and doomsday prophecies can be emphasized and peddled to the public, feeding on our turn-of-the-millennium fears and paranoia. What we need is clarity, detailed research, a re-examination of scientific and metaphysical ideas using the Galactic alignment as a key, open communication, and selfless collaboration. To this end I am offering a space on my website as a clearinghouse specifically for rallying evidence that our changing relationship to the Galaxy does indeed effect conciousness evolution on earth. The inaugural page with some startup thoughts is at

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