Five-lecture series for Naropa Institute
October - November, 1999

Maya Calendar, Culture, and Cosmology: Ancient and Modern
by John Major Jenkins

Lecture Series Overview:

John's lecture series is organized around the discoveries set forth in his book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. We will explore Maya cosmology, mythology, shamanism, and calendrics, and show how the Maya recognized the 2012 end-date as a rare alignment of the earth to the Milky Way galaxy. Toltec and Maya cosmological doctrines that point to the 21st century as a time of astronomical alignment will be discussed, implicating the Galactic Center and the Pleiades as formative players in earth's impending consciousness transformation.
We will summarize scientific evidence that these "galactic alignments" effect life on earth, and will examine Vedic, Egyptian, and Christian symbolism that encode the Galactic Cosmology. The fourth lecture will invite local author and documentary producer Jay Weidner to share his insights into alchemy, revealing alchemy’s hidden fascination with the same galactic alignment in 2012 that was of interest to the Maya.
In exploring the transformational process of the end-times, the "churning of the milky ocean," we will discuss controversies within the New Age Maya calendar movement and lessons from the Maya Creation myth to help us understand the social and spiritual dynamics of the 2012 alignment.
Finally, we discuss the activities of the modern Maya and why 2012 will be a rally cry for the Maya to reclaim their self determination and independence. For the Maya, calendar-cycle endings have always been a call for renewal. The 13-baktun cycle ending in A.D. 2012 will be no exception.

Maya Calendar, Culture, and Cosmology: Ancient and Modern

Lecture 1. The Maya at the Millennium: General Discussion of Topics to be Explored
Ancient knowledge points to an event to culminate in our own time
Modern politics and oppression in Guatemala
Governmental control of Maya temple sites
2012: social revolution vs. mystical doorway
New Age misconceptions and the roles of discernment and clarity
Maya Studies and academia today: progress and resistance
Metaphysical and spiritual implications of Maya Cosmology today

Lecture 2. The Maya Calendars: How They Work
The 260-day tzolkin calendar and the 365-day haab
The 52-haab Calendar Round
The New Fire Ceremony and the Pleiades
What day is it today in the Maya calendar?
The Long Count and Izapa
Katuns and baktuns / end and beginning dates
December 21, 2012 A.D. - End of the 13th baktun

Lecture 3. Maya Cosmogenesis: The 2012 Alignment with the Milky Way Galaxy
The Precession of the Equinoxes
The solstice’s movement toward the Milky Way Galaxy
Once every 26,000 years: The galactic alignment of 2012
How the Maya encoded the 2012 alignment into their core traditions
The Creation myth, the sacred ballgame, and king accession rituals
The return of the Great Mother
Origin of the Long Count and the Galactic Cosmology: Izapa, 100 B.C.
The precise alignment: 1998, 2000, or 2012?

Lecture 4. The Wider Context of the 2012 Alignment: Modern Science, Vedic India, Egypt, and Alchemy
Wilhelm Reich, Terence McKenna, Oliver Reiser, and Rene Guenon
Cosmic cybernetics and field-effect dynamics
The Vedic Yuga doctrine and the galactic alignment cycle
The Egyptian Zero Time of 12,800 B.C and the galactic alignment cycle
Alchemy, Fulcanelli, and the Cross at Hendaye. Guest Speaker Jay Weidner

Lecture 5. Process and Transformation at the End of the Age
Maya Creation myth: Seven Macaw and the Hero Twins
The Asuras and Devas, and the Vedic "Churning of the Milky Ocean"
The amrit nectar of enlightenment
Ignorance vs consciousness and the galactic chakra system
The Galactic Center, the Pleiades, and Precession as evolutionary forces
Social manifestations: 2012 as a rally cry for contemporary Maya