Not to

Not to but From

Dull, dying, anger flying
not in trusting
tired of buying
all undone and lazy too
I need a place to lay and sleep
sleep all night and most of day
restore the nectar to my brain
to aid the children, end their pain
Thousands dying, nations frying
forests flaming, oceans boiling
and when we humans see these things
begins to dawn how dumb we've been
Late now,
can be done
but run and run
running fast not to but from
the past we've murdered, killing sun
Bloody dripping makes new race
savage lives rebuild our face
like dogs, hearts pumping, tails we chase
but never touching down home base
Really tired, really sick
to the playground
but the air's too thick
smoky eye from somewhere high
baby waves Godward, says, "bye bye"
Away goes God, we knew him well
what have I done to earn this Hell?
Scream work, dream work, never dead
all I love is a warm, soft bed