Excerpts from Metaphysical Speculations
Poetry from 1982 to now
John Major Jenkins

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Life's light is fading
My body grows cold
I'm beginning to envision
scenery untold
My love's touch is slipping
I am so old
I know where I'm sliding
it's time to unfold
I float toward the brightness
am pushed through red night
emerge from her tunnel
and all is all right
Here exists pure warmth
and solidified time
I have entered a new body
a body now mine
I grow oh so quickly
and take in new strife
I grow old not knowing
my previous life
Again I am grabbed
and pulled from the earth
experience the Love
of infinite birth


Uncuss My Wandering Eye
Desk martyrs betray their oft dreamt damnation
To sun we wave each daily
And become the self mortified
So those birth bringing guardians beckon:
Us, Loving
Now we retrace our divine lineage
And watch aweless
A wailing soul within from the Mind Washer
He wails for me
Moonhidden, my mind
No matter to be congeals in union
Entropy is sudden and winds down the world
But union will save us when our love's unfurled
Each opposite so balanced, the central chasm stirs
Cleansed and vitalized
Those poisons so viscous uncuss my wandering eye
I stare to eye, we occupy
The same space
And what more of union can we ignore?

Crossing the Impossible Stream
Crossing the impossible stream, we follow the leader
Run, run to the hideout and shiver loveless
Conserve the infinite and contemplate the higher
And why we are what we are
And offer thanks to our Selves
We bathe naked by the stream
Watching crows and whirl birds
Crying to melt with the sun inside their hearts
The regulator deeply within laughs
And we perform for him daily
Laugh with him and accept all is right
For it is: hence, the latter
And when the New Man comes borning forth
From our daughters' wombs
We young now, can die old senile
With a wry smile as we see
These strangers dance lovely
By pure mountain springs
And with us will die the vanity
Of our puerile age

Ego Decore
Door to door messiahs
Repleat with novelty
Undermine the spector's plans
To breach society

Undetermined moral angers
Stab the mellow merchant
Ramble the linesman bloodthirsts
The gladiators laugh at a rose

A silly introspection
Reveals all things to see
The center is a
The center sets me free

To be a laughing God mask
Complete with ego decore
Fools a fool becoming
A mirror to man's door

Sometimes the rays are shrouded
By useless webby cling
Ring the bell and you can tell
All things the light will bring

A View from the Thicket Factory
Aware of the floating sensation of stars
the logic of apples, illogical cars
Carrying portent of futureless dreams
imagine explosion, rebursting the seams

Contents that carry my thoughts to the edge
from ledgers of wise ones content on life's ledge
Fledgling emergence, see new are the trees
He's causing redundance, breathes natural breeze

Ongoing onslaughts of ignorant blocks
building beings not possible with just water and rocks
The dirt was a fancy, a fluke, or a trick
from sunshine so thickly in air not half thick

A moon is a mirror becoming expressed
I jealous of howlers, ungrown, handly blessed
Mantissa of beachcraft on oversown wheat
the beach is a breaker which land calls a street

A feat for the future forgiving the past
the way to behave is a matter of caste
Quatraining over, I'm closer to real
poker's my faceplate, it's time to redeal

To Pasture of Folly
The fate of nations is at hand
Encroaches rapidly to sweep the land
Clean of vermin and sensory thrill
Yet blood of innocents it will spill
Injustice of judgement reaped of our deeds
Only Wise Ones and shamans know where it leads
To pasture of folly we stumble as cow
Through forests of misery must we all plow
Oceans of pain, waves of growing terror
I have entered the womb-door, where did I error?
I was flying so freely through visions I knew
Then up crept a demon, screaming, "You too!"
I clung to illusion, descending to birth
My spirit incarnating and borning on Earth
I grow and forget the previous ways
Awareness limited to worldly possession
Indulge like an animal all through the days
Self-blinded and unfit for sinless confession
In a vision I saw my birth and my death
The world is a circle, why?

A fanfare of prophets betrays earthly gaze
Of ignorant beastlings in their last days
A rumor of war keeps persuading my fever
To rise even higher and stifle the unbeliever
Within us all the One Higher writhes
Yet we beckon the tempter and through him, Thee dies
The perpetual churnings of day and night spinnings
Proves the importance of detaching from your winnings
For Nothing is forever, and all else dies
And within us is this Nothingness, can be seen in your eyes
The Nothing is forever, and simply because of this
Springs form and creatura, congealed from the mist

Face It
I wander city's concrete
Reflections in the glass
I live not for a future
Nor dwell I in the past
Look at the modern people
They're staring at the ground
Yet shining eternal in each face
My own face can be found

Open Door
A fortuitous expansion through which my love to you
Brings calm and peaceful destinies to all you choose to do
When we wake to know that space
Is Mind born through the human race
The place between our selves will melt
The Self of All through love is felt
To see the meager home we seek
We make an earth that feeds the meek
And when all life has reached the peak
A knowing voice through us will speak
And say No Thing on earth was planned
There is no world with earth unmanned
The woman within brings cursèd grace
Transcending death while we embraced
Regress to know that One in man
Demands no fee until we can
Repay for guilt to whom we ran
From love and created Heaven's ban
Through your love you can restore
The wonders of an open door

These poems are from Metaphysical Speculations (1982-1998), a collection of poems. Here is the Introduction to that collection.
Here is the Table of Contents:

1. During Communion with I
The Returnal Etern
To Strive For That Which You Are Now
A Creation Epic For the Herd
The Changeling Few
The Bliss Kiss
"Unbirth Me, You Infinite One!"
Really Immaculate Perception
When the Caste is Realized
Li Ch'hi - The Organizing Principle of Matter-Energy
To Past and Future Forest Awakenings II
Our Earthen Breast Gives Polluted Milk, Why?
Emergent Evolution
The Origin of Origination
Friends Are Lost Souls Who You Can Be Lost With
Possessed By The Idea of Not Possessing, Yet Containing All
Do You, Can You, Will You?
Consistent Inconsistency
A Misty First Vision
The Sixth
Negentropy is Love
Waiting for the Humans
Our Ungainly Vessels Seek Refuge in Illusion
Our Father, Ylem
2. Metaphysical Speculations
Sun as Son
A View from the Thicket Factory
Thou Art That
Immaculate Perception
The Once and Future Ylem
Gentle Rains of Pre-Dawn
The Anachronistic Cliche
We the Sun Damned
My Unnamed Form During the Hyperborean Epoch
We Dark Ones, See Light To You
Waiting for Armageddon, or, The Overman's Birth Pangs
To Past and Future Forest Awakenings
The Inner Dweller
We Wave to See Sacred Our Naked Being
The Song of Huhl and Mikhail
While in Mushroom Death
Going To Do
O Holy Us, Sprung From Soil
Neutralizing Opposites and the Lonely Short Circuit
On the Infinite Nothingness or Zero = Infinity
3. Untitled Leit Motif - 30 Untitled Poems
4. Sparse Affairs Gave These Here Wares
Open Door
We Bardo Denizens, Even Now
Of the Really Real
Answer These Please
Salvation Through Sex
The Divine Laugher
Mirror Image
- Six Untitled Poems -
5. The Latter Day Collection (up through 1985 - and beyond)
Racial Death Defying
We All, Runners From Light
Wise Old Drunken Fool
Now, Vasting Open
Transition (In Eight Parts)
Goddors of Earth
Phantastic Phuture
Boulder Arrival, September 1985
Distance Gazing
Crystal Magic
Dull, Denying, Anger Flying
Boulder '85 Continued
6. Early Miscellania and Recent Muse Messages
Cricket in a Thicket
Am I a Lost Dog?
Sweat Lodge
Louhi Gazes Deep
Hunab Ku
Talked with Pekka
Kali Dasasay (October 20th, 1982)

Amness is a direct transcription of a notebook I kept in 1982 which contains some bizarre and inspired doom poems, apocalyptic visions, past life echoes, and astrologically inspired word weavings. I transcribed and compiled selections from this notebook in October of 1996.

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