Racial Death Defying

We watch from a tower of web-shrouded gold
we grow sick and die, yet never grow old
Lessons and visions our lifewaves amass
Our being evolving as ages slow pass

It seems we are branching, we feel the time near
the war to end war cures our children of fear
An entity rouses, wanting to surface
trying to show us our tacit-known purpose

Aeons of peace as the mind becomes clear
the ego's eclipsed by a sun we all share
It's down in the ocean and never goes out
we from it sprout to the sky without doubt

In sky is our future, above earthly sphere
in space it is not, in time it is near
To bring it about, we must know it's there
we all claim no knowledge so death we do dare

From death before borning to life-giving grace
the future arrives and causes New Space
in conscioui once dreaming, awakened, twice-born
now knowing true life, death we won't mourn